south river restoration

The South River Federation has worked with a number of communities on the River to replace bulkhead and revetment with natural “living shoreline” projects. These projects rely less on structural materials, such as rock and lumber, for stabilization, and instead work with the wave energy on the River and creeks to prevent erosion and provide vital habitat for animals such as terrapins and horseshoe crabs that spend critical phases of their lives at the water’s edge. These living shorelines are stabilized with native shrubs and grasses and also provide important nesting and feeding areas for shorebirds and other wildlife.

 Current Projects

Completed Projects:ClicktoSeePics

There are now a number of grant and low interest loans sources available to property owners and community association looking to install living shorelines. If you are interested in pursuing a living shoreline for your own property, or for community property, please contact the Federation and we would be glad to provide technical assistance.