south river restoration

The Federation believes in a holistic approach to cleaning up the South River. We utilize all available tools, ranging from scientific water quality monitoring, to rain garden installation, to large-scale stream restoration, to one-on-one landowner education. Our restoration efforts are locally focused and are driven and informed by sound science.

The Federation has installed over 75 restoration projects across the watershed, varying from residential rain gardens to multi-million dollar stream restoration projects. Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on the most polluted creeks while continuing our work with communities on local projects.


Oyster Restoration

oyster restoration

Giving hundreds of waterfront property owners the opportunity to participate in hands on oyster restoration

Rain Gardens

rain gardens

Rain gardens, or more formally, bioretention areas, are low or depressed areas in the landscape where rainwater is directed so that it can sit and be infiltrated into the ground after storm events

Living Shorelines

living shorelines

We have worked with a number of communities on the River to replace bulkhead and revetment with natural "living shoreline" projects.

Stream & Wetlands

stream wetland

Current and Completed Stream and Wetland Restoration Projects